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Operator IX has very low healing requirements for almost all of the fight, so that should be simple as well once you get the mechanics down.
In either of our raid groups, we have the tanks and healers for the most part take out the adds with the dps stuck in the middle. Donít have to worry about enrage, but do have to worry about more adds if dps has to take time to clear the adds the healers and tanks should have killed. Also have to worry about the big guys interrupting the channel. So killing them as fast as possible is important there, so gear and dps is an important factor even for a healer at least the way our group does it.

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I see the issue is the lack of HP, more than anything else. You want around 20k hp so you don't get one-shot by a Disinfect from Operator IX, or the slam from TFB at the tandrum phase.
Healer shouldn't have to worry about slam at all if positioned correctly.