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lovely how you keep saying carried and reliant on. and partner.

The stats arent THAT awful, its not that far behind from campaign really.
I still throw out crits of 7.4k when lucky
You did ask for raiders opinions on the matter...

I'd have to agree though, the stats you lose on the armoring piece is a large amount (not to mention the endurance lost as well). That being said, I'm a strong believer of skill is more important than gear, but there has to be a line somewhere. As someone mentioned earlier, it would be possible to carry an optimized WH/EWH geared char through most of the content (assuming they aren't a tank).

I tanked TFB SM in full recruit gear...
Was it as easy as it should have been? No.
Would a pug group have taken me? No, it was my guild so I got a pass on my gear.
Would I do it again with that much of a gear discrepancy? Probably not, it was too stressful for a "just for fun" run.
Is it possible? Yes.

The point being that yes, you could do it in the gear you have assuming you're as good of a healer as you say you are. Odds are though pugs won't want you in PVP gear, you know, kind of like PVP players don't want PVE geared players in WZs.

Just my two cents.

Grats on the down.
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