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Many people say it's crazy to level a class without there advanced class!
And i totaly disacree i think it's something more people would need to do why?
- Easy you learn the basics realy wel.
The basics? Not really. Because your CORE abilities come from your AC. At 50 I hardly ever use any of the non-AC abilities.

- Not having to worry about that *koff koff* high dps or combo.
Just accepting that you are terribad without worrying about trying otherwise...guess that's fine?

- Realy easy keybinds realy having everything close to hand.
This really shouldn't be an issue

- in groups you never have to worry to get agro (not beqeus you suck but beqeus of the low agro attacks)
No, it will be because you suck for not having key abilities. And I've seen very low dps players still pull aggro because they don't know how to manage threat.

OK, I mean, if you just want to do it just for the heck of it, fine, I know you aren't the first. I've seen several people of each class do the no AC thing just to say they did it. But if you actually want to PLAY the character at higher levels, this is a really bad idea.
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