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From a healer's point of view who is also a tank:

This goes only for random HM FP's. In Ops i assume the tank knows that he's doing and guards the best dps.

So. Personally when I tank I guard the strongest DPS.
When I'm healing, I'd rather have the tanks guard on me. Why? Because 95% of the tanks has no idea how to taunt or keep ALL enemies on him, for the entire fight. I myself know this but most don't.
In 75% of those 95% of the cases the DPS go for the strongest enemy first just like the tank does.
This causes ALL the other adds to fire on me because I'm the only one with aggro on them.

I am so sick and tired of this happening almost every ****in FP.

end /rant
this is because you start blasting heals on tank the instant they agro a pack

if you're not cc'ing anything, 1 dmg ae from the tank should be enough to keep adds off the healer for the whole fight.

keeping them off dps is another story of course