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Hi all.
I'm a PVP based operative healer and I am the main healer in our RWZ team.
I love the challenge that it poses to keep everybody up and maintain my energy.
Unfortunately, these kinds of matches are rare yet so full of potential to learn to heal under severe stress.

Therefore I've started looking into PvE. In my first day I did LI HM and EV HM.
These were walks in the park and I was severely dissapointed because on my shadow tank some healers seem to struggle with the fight.

The next day I got into a TFB HM. Now I've only ever done everything up until EC HM on my tank. Never anything on my healer, never TFB. I was a pug together with 2 more who joined a gulid run. This was obviously not the best group.
I had read up on the tactics and nothing more.

On the first boss we wiped a few times cuz we messed up the yellow circles combined with the blood pools quite alot. It was cleared after a few times so we moved on to the 2nd boss. The group leader had doubts about my gear since Dread Guard isnt that easy to heal. Yet after a mere 2 tries we cleared it already.

Now my question is. Do you experienced raiders find Min maxed combo of WH and EWH gear to be enough for TFB HM? As a single player or a whole team. I didn't do the other bosses cuz we decided to stop where we were. People had to go.
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