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Do you even play the game? Recruit gear is free. Also Ilum is a PVP planet so I guarantee this will contain PVP. If you don't like it don't participate.

And your Majority/Minority comment is completely wrong. They cater to the PVE crowd a majority of the time. What is wrong with 1 PVP event on the PVP planet?

1. Recruit gear is *not* free if you're not a brand-new 50. You may've bought the token, turned it in, and taken the credits months ago like many players did.

2. Ilum *was* a PvP planet. Nowhere in the dev posts the previous poster mentioned does it say that it'll *stay* that way. According to those same dev posts, there is no guarantee that the Western Shelf will remain a PvP area. Just because it is NOW doesn't mean it will be in 1.7.

3. They cater to the PvE crowd because they outnumber the PvP crowd by most estimates 10 to 1. We'd see the same amount of QQ if there were a faction-specific event.