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Don't understand the outcry myself, yes PvP might be forced unto PvE players now, but it's not like PvE is never forced upon PvP players, people shouldn't hate on the developers trying to get people to experience both parts of the game
PVE isnt forced on PVP players ... at all .. unless your talking lvls 1-10 ... once you get to lvl 10 you can pvp all the way to cap and never do any pve content at all... getting to level 10 is what maybe 4 hours? and god forbit you actually have to do some story in a STORY BASED MMO RPG.

PVP is the smallest part of the game .. its the minority that enjoy it ... if anything they should be getting more pvpers to do more pve content ... that would lower queue times which is the biggest reason people are leaving the game.

Because people cannot solo queue for ranked and people CAN 8 man queue for unranked ... you get these epeen losers in full Ware hero elite gear ganking people in PVP unranked.
want to make more people PVP ... force people wearing ANY Warhero elite gear to be able to queue for Ranked only and let them queue solo. That way people can earn there pvp gear in unranked matches that are fair.

you dont shove it down there throat in an event. AND read my last post ... this even is not PVP at all
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