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Serioiusly, do people not visit and quest on Ilum already... a planet where there already is PvP area's, and a place you can be steamrolled if your not careful? I would also like to point out, to those with concern, that Ilum had a specific place for PvP last time, it was not the whole planet, and it seems like a lot of people with concern are just freaking out for no reason.

*Get some recruit gear

*Prepare yourself for PvP (and if your playing on a PvP server, then please DO NOT complain about open world PvP, its what you chose to do)

*Practice, and play some PvP matches... it isnt brain science

People have gotten too comforable with this game, and are used to sitting on the fleet for most of their play time, a place where they are safe. If I had it my way, the fleet would be destroyed, and you would have the chance of being attacked anywhere, at anytime. If they do this right, it could really add a very important element to this game that its been lacking for almost a whole year.

Those of us who have been here since the beginning, and experienced Ilum and its open would PvP would probably agree that the issue of it being released is NOT you being attacked, its going to be if the engine can support the large scale battles, and not play at only .5 framerate, then crash your game.
I really wish we wouldnt have a new thread about this every 10 mins ...

here are some facts you ALL have ignored and are causing alot of this issue.

the quote says nothing about pvp at all
Game Update 1.7: Return of the Gree is coming soon to The Old Republic™, allowing players to experience brand new in-game content, including a limited time event and an exciting new way to progress your character.
Explore the Planet Ilum to unveil a new Event, Relics of the Gree! A mysterious ancient Gree starship called “the Gray Secant” has appeared over Ilum’s Western Ice Shelf. Those who are brave enough will get the chance to help the Gree and face off against a powerful foe waiting in the heart of the Gree vessel. Republic and Imperial forces that finish this mission will earn exclusive Gree technology, including highly advanced weapon and armor appearances!
where in all of that does it say PVP?

NO WHERE ... .let me explain what it DOES say

1) the foes we are facing are either Gree or enemies of the Gree
2) It takes place on the planet of illum in a new area called "Ilum's Western Ice Shelf" like section X or BlackHole
3) Both republic and Imperials will have access to this same area like black hole and section x
4) both republic and imperials will have different looks and named tech to encourage cross faction involvement
5) Bioware has stated MANY TIMES that people will NEVER BE FORCED TO PVP ... even in the HK parts issue you dont have to pvp ... you just have to run to the vendor buy the thing and leave.

finally ... PVPers have to really start thinking with there heads and not with there epeen. The majority of players in this game have no interest what so ever in PVP. The majority rules when it comes to MMO companies cause they dont care if they lose the minority cause there spots can always be filled with more of the majority.

As someone who hates PVP ... and does it quite a bit anyway for PVE gear and crafting matts... I can tell you no one is going to buy recruit gear for a freaking Event. No one is gonna PVP just cause there is an event ... no one is gonna love this game more for being ganked cause sorry to say even with recruit gear your not going to achieve objectives against people in full warhero unless the objective is to die alot.

WAKE THE HELL UP .... stop trolling ... stop being ignorant to the truths of this game .... and please realize for petes sake that PVP is not the be all and end all of this game..... PVE is ... sorry to say.
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