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Because the players who need to be told what to do have no idea of what's going on around them. They don't know who are the most accomplished guilds, players, etc...
Yes, but...........

This is 90% of the people that play the game. They don't come to the forums, they don't research playing their class, their role, what speccs work, what don't etc. For good or ill the vast majority of players learn the game by trial and error (sometimes not learning from the errors) and intuition.

To me, this is what is at the heart of this entire thread. Our expectation is that tanks should KNOW how threat works, how each of their abilities work including guard. The reality is that just like dps and healers, most tanks fall into the 90% described above which in turn means they will likely remain uninformed and even unresponsive when they are shown the so called 'right way' to do something.

So, while I understand the frustration that generated this thread the circumstances that caused that frustration are most likely not going to change. The people that are in here reading this have been mostly supportive of the thought behind the OP.....................but these aren't the people who are causing the problem. Those people don't read the forums (mostly).
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