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Hello all

I have been leveling my agent now for 2 weeks, yes agent not a sniper or operative!
I have her ATM on level 34 so have gotten all attack except the orbital strike.

This means i have 8 attack abilities 1cc and 2/3 life support abilities.
I do pvp and doing realy good i end most of the time in the top 3 with ofcourse some exeptions.
I do GF flashpoint if people dont decline the group beqeus the see a agent marker as dps.

I realy love doing the agent class already got the operative and sniper both on 50 and there gear is good.
You can check it out on

But why this post?

Many people say it's crazy to level a class without there advanced class!
And i totaly disacree i think it's something more people would need to do why?
- Easy you learn the basics realy wel.
- Not having to worry about that *koff koff* high dps or combo.
- Realy easy keybinds realy having everything close to hand.
- in groups you never have to worry to get agro (not beqeus you suck but beqeus of the low agro attacks)

and ofcourse on the other hand you got some disabilities
- not the 35 meter range of the sniper and 30 tech range (30 meter interups)
- no stealth
- no skill tree
- people telling you that you havent gotten a advanced class (fun first few time's irritating after the 200th time)
But that is a other story

And i am hoping on in the long run a new advanced class
Come on tank agent ^^ freaking 8 or 16 orbital strikes

P.S i totaly understand that without a advanced class the agent wil not be usefull in OPS and PVP on level 50
but atm shè totaly rocks

So i would say what do you think?