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I would say it's acceptable for Tier 1, but don't try going in Tier 2 until you have some Columi. It's only gonna bring up the repair bill for you and your team. Check out the hm fps loot list and try doing each until you get the Columi drop from it.

And while we are on the subject - how far would you guys say i can go with fully augmented WH gear in ops (hm, nim ops) ? It's basically elite wh with those augments, but ofc it's a bit less strong in pve than pve gear. I really don't want to bother getting dps pve gear since my main pve role is tank, but i do want to go in as dps once in a while to be able to learn tactics.
Given some known guild guidelines (1500 main stat for HM unbuffed) you could in theory do HM EV or KP in some flavor of high end PvP IIRC.