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When you're queuing up for random HM flashpoints, I would guard the person who is best geared, even if it's a healer. Most HM FP are tuned for around 300-400 hps, which is less than 1/3 of what a healer can heal, and they'll be spending the other 2/3 of the time DPSing.
Unless the gear gap between the healer and the DDs is huge, this strategy may fail (not saying it will).

Example: Poorly geared DD goes 1200DPS = 1200TPS. If the healer does 500HPS, that is 250TPS, so he will need to do more than 950DPS to actually be higher in the "threat table". Also if the DPS is melee he will "pull aggro" at 1.1x current target threat, whereas the healer being ranged will only "pull aggro" at 1.3x. Taking this 20% melee-ranged difference into account, the healer would actually have to do 1418 TPS = 500HPS + 1168 DPS, almost the same as the poorly geared DD. Anyway in this example I hardly think anyone would actually "pull aggro" off the tank.

Of course this depends on the situations, there are really good healers and really bad DDs out there.

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Tanking modifier is x2.0 for every point of normal damage. This was buffed before the release of TFB.
You are correct. I overlooked that change (I don't have a tank myself so I forgot about it). Edited posts to reflect it.