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I guess you don't really know the mechanics, so let me explain them for you quickly.

First of all, mainboss gives a debuff called Incubation, this debuff is applied regularly on the target of the boss, which means that if tank loses aggro, a DPS can get this debuff. When the debuff runs out, adds will spawn, the amount is tied to the amount of debuff stacks the person who the debuff ran out had. This means that if a DPS gets aggro, gets two stacks before tank gets aggro back, two adds will spawn when the debuff on the DPS runs out.

The pools as well as the Jealous Male spawns at set times during the fight, those times are normally when tank has 7-8 stacks of the debuff, depending on how good/bad your tank is at holding aggro. You should make sure to switch tanks when the Jealous Male spawns, that means the red pool is there and you can have a DPS/Healer run into it and get all the adds when they spawn (which they do as soon as the debuffs on the tank that has Jealous Male runs out).

I guess your problem is that you have bad tanks that are slow at switching as well as are bad at gaining threat, both of these issues can be solved by either replacing your tanks or making them learn the fight and do this faster.


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