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Yeah it is a hard concept for many to understand. Guard goes on the DPS in most cases. It is pretty much pointless to Guard a healer as in most fights they will be out of range for any benefits. I will pop Guard on a healer and use Guardian Leap if they suddenly take damage, but in general it stays on the Sentinel that is 2m away from me for 95% of the fight.

DPS have responsibility too that they often fail to follow through on. They need to use their aggro dump abilities ALL THE TIME. They often fail to even know they have them and what they are for. They also need to quit the Zerg mentality and know when to back off DPS. They need to give the tank a 2-5 sec head start to pop a few threat building abilities at the start of the fight, etc.

Back in EQ days if a DPS pulled aggro from the tank it was their fault and healers often wouldn't heal them. We had a little saying like "you gank it, you tank it" or something like that. And that was in a 72-man planar raid where you had to watch the tank whittle it down 5-10% to get enough aggro before you even attacked.

But I digress, yes please educate people. Guard is for DPS, melee DPS specifically due to the range limit, unless you are in PvP (or during an emergency) then its applications change.
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