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Mostly agree, however with every "always one answer" scenario it is an over simplification. There are some areas where it is actually better to guard healers, especially in Operations were the DPS are dealing with a completely different target's for large portions of the fights, for example Asation from the second boss to, and including, the third (excluding the final phase).

Guard should be used as an aggro reduction, you're right here. But some DPS genuinely pull less aggro than some healers, in which case, guard will go on the healer. If everyone is performing properly however you're right, it should go on the best DPS unless mechanics allow a tank to place it elsewhere.

Also if a tank is pulling 1000 dps, a DPS will have to pull over 1500 dps to pull aggro due to "high aggro" moves. However assuming you meant tps (threat per second) it is still slightly off, as you haven't included the range modifier to aggro. I forget the exact modifiers but essentially, assuming an equally good melee and ranged DPS, guard should also go on the melee DPS as they are more likely to pull aggro.
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