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Where did u get these numbers? My current bonus healing is 560 and the set bonus healing is 545 so my bonus healing is higher. My crit is 15% and the set crit is 25%, that's -10. Also my crit multi 74%, which is +15
I meant the one linked by shadowflit which shows what you should be at when you're in BH/campaign.

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Honestly when i started comparing i thougth the big willpower difference would have a larger affect, but the stock BH set has all that Power so it even's out, with regards to BonusDmg/Bonus Healing. I left out all skill and talent buffs (i.e 5% crit chance and 6% bonus healing) on both sets of gear, except mark of power. I didn't think the site i used would add the 6% bonus healing.
Stock BH is irrelevant - as mentioned that's not what people mean when they talk about being BH geared. It should be augmented and decently optimized as well, and yes, amr does include all bonuses from talents, legacy and datacrons etc.