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Basically, if you're looking for confirmation that the people telling you to improve your gear are stupid, no you don't have that.
Now, if the stated requirements are reasonable is an another matter - you don't need optimized BH/Campaign gear until you start clearing EC/TFB HM, and at the very least EC is perfectly doable with optimized rakata (otherwise it would have been impossible to clear it in the first place in order to get the campaign gear), but a PUG won't have the coordination and/or experience with the content/working together as a guild does, so better gear is needed to make up for the difference.
Thank you for the response. I understand what ur saying. I appreciate the advice especially with regards to PUGing

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Have a look at the amr build linked and really compare yourself to it - you're lacking 144 bonus healing, 20% crit chance and 1.5% surge, even when removing the buffs and stims that you probably did not include in your stated stats. That is HUGE.
Where did u get these numbers? My current bonus healing is 560 and the set bonus healing is 545 so my bonus healing is higher. My crit is 15% and the set crit is 25%, that's -10. Also my crit multi 74%, which is +15

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Just substracting the WP etc from your stated stats doesn't work either - WP isn't a stat that actually has a direct impact, more WP != more healing/damage (and even if it did, mark of power and will of the sith provide a % based increase to it, so you get more WP out of each point of WP on gear/whatever than it actually states) - more WP gives you a higher crit chance and bonus damage/healing, and it's the extra crit+bonus damage/healing that actually gives you the performance boost. Just mentally subtracting the WP gain won't lower its impact on the stats that actually matter, and you're not including the 5% crit chance and 6% bonus healing bonus from the spec, nor the crit and bonus healing bonus you would get from the will of the sith talent.
Honestly when i started comparing i thougth the big willpower difference would have a larger affect, but the stock BH set has all that Power so it even's out, with regards to BonusDmg/Bonus Healing. I left out all skill and talent buffs (i.e 5% crit chance and 6% bonus healing) on both sets of gear, except mark of power. I didn't think the site i used would add the 6% bonus healing.