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Greetings everyone,

Quote: Originally Posted by McLemore View Post
For the love of Sith this isn't why this is happening. 2000 customer posts and you just close the thread and throw it under the rug. 2000 complaints and you just close the thread a throw up the same cut and past response. Bravo. Just Bravo. The problem is on Your end not customers this time and you know it.
Hello McLemore,

I can understand your frustration, but please keep in mind that the issue that you are experiencing now is not the same issue many were experiencing when the original thread was created. Just from checking the latest the replies, we could see that unfortunately many players had not seen our Cartel Coins FAQ, which is why recreating the thread appears to be the best way to make everyone aware.

Now as per your post from yesterday, you were able to buy cartel coins again.

So should you be running into any issues again in the future, please wait the 24 hours before trying once more. As we responded to you in your ticket, you should then contact Customer Service by phone should the issue persist.

Thank you for your understanding.

Quote: Originally Posted by jflund View Post
That's a load of horse **** BW! The problem lies on your end, NOT OURS!

Since I got the same error message everybody else did, I removed my card and tried another (wich Works flawlessly everywhere else), but in doing so it cancelled my Subscription, and now I am unable to add another VISA/MasterCard, credit or debit, with the following error:

We're sorry, but we can't perform transactions to this credit card. Please load a different one.

I have 8 days left of my sub, I am unable to renew as well as buy coins since you won't take a valid card. I even bought the expansion a week back. Serves me right for trusting BW to be "Customer Friendly" and taking this problem seriously.

So thank you BW, for nothing.
Hi jflund,

As outlined above, and as per the response to your ticket, you will need to contact Customer Service per phone, they will be able to assist you with your card and future purchases.

Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tatumsa View Post
1. Yes
2, Yes.
3. Yes.

How many more weeks do I have to wait before I get below my daily limit? -.-
Hello Tatumsa,

If you have waited 24 hours already, and the issue persists, please contact Customer Service per phone as mentioned in the reply to your ticket about the issue.

Thank you.
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