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Hi all! ( My apologies for grammar mistakes! )

Why do i post this thread?

I'd been looking forward to playing this game, and I'd started it just before F2P was introduced. I can say, I immediately fell in love, and was playing all day with the game!! A month later I decided to set my subscription to 6 months so Bioware would not bother me and drain the money from my credit card( I wasn't expecting any transfer) happened before.

Nah..after a good friday night, I woke up and checked my licence..."I think it's just ended". Well I looked quite unconfortable at it cause it said 179 days remaining...***? I went under zero? That cannot be...

As turned out, I'd just got a transfer that morning for which I was waiting 2 months before, and yes...6 months of gaming time was I've been playing since!


I had to face the fact that the money is I have to play the game. I decided to play as hard as I can and connect the game with my hobby...I began to make videos and start streaming!

The stream can be found here :
My Youtube channel :

Usually between 15:00 - 24:00 it's Online, and on holidays almost nonstop!

Other informations:
- HD Quality!
- Tomb of Freedon Nadd PVP server!
- Empire

The stream is mostly PVP and I'm trying to become one of the bests!

In case you would be interested in my stream, i can start commentating in english and make suggestions or give tips about the game...about what i've learned!
Until that, I'm available on chat all the time!

Something about me...

I am 19 and I'm preparing to go on Logistics. Playing on my Notebook and love gaming, making videos and streaming with all my heart!

My specs:

-Nvidia Geforce GTX 670M 3GB
-12 GB Ram
- 17.'' FHD , 1920x1080
-1.5TB (750GB*2 RAID 0)7200 RPM

Razer Lycosa Keyboard
Razer Mama Mouse
Razer Destructor Board

Thanks in advance to everyone!