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Yes, my current gear is fully augmented, all 14 slots. I subtracted the datacrons and talent bonus' from the willpower i listed. My gear is basically BM gear but with Columni armoring. And no that BH link isn't my BH wishlist. It seem poorly itemized to me, which is why i didn't understand why everyone seems to hold BH in such high esteem. I only picked those pieces because it was the "Force-Lord's" set. I only like the chest and the helm. I figure after that i can get the campaign armoring pieces.

I justed wanted to know if my augmented min/maxed columni mash up was as good as the stock unoptimized unaugmented BH set. Which ur post seems to confirm. ty, by the way. (ur right about the helm mistake, but they have the same willpower).

I hear people all the time talking about BH and rakata as a standard. As in "you need at least Black Hole." I was even kicked from a group cause the guy said i was in pvp gear. "You need to be in at least Rakata." It was frustrating.

The one thing u didn't talk about is the 1.5 increase in dmg reduction that BH has over columni armoring. Can i assume that its not that important?

"*highly* suspect"
I wasn't trying to mislead
What people mean when they say "at least black hole" is black hole mods in a tionese/columi/rakata shell, augmented and decently (not necessarily perfectly) itemized. Have a look at the amr build linked and really compare yourself to it - you're lacking 144 bonus healing, 20% crit chance and 1.5% surge, even when removing the buffs and stims that you probably did not include in your stated stats. That is HUGE.

Just substracting the WP etc from your stated stats doesn't work either - WP isn't a stat that actually has a direct impact, more WP != more healing/damage (and even if it did, mark of power and will of the sith provide a % based increase to it, so you get more WP out of each point of WP on gear/whatever than it actually states) - more WP gives you a higher crit chance and bonus damage/healing, and it's the extra crit+bonus damage/healing that actually gives you the performance boost. Just mentally subtracting the WP gain won't lower its impact on the stats that actually matter, and you're not including the 5% crit chance and 6% bonus healing bonus from the spec, nor the crit and bonus healing bonus you would get from the will of the sith talent.

However, you are correct that the lower armor amount doesn't matter. Even if you're taking damage, which you shouldn't, and even if it's kinetic/energy damage so that armor even works the damage taken difference is minimal.

Basically, if you're looking for confirmation that the people telling you to improve your gear are stupid, no you don't have that.
Now, if the stated requirements are reasonable is an another matter - you don't need optimized BH/Campaign gear until you start clearing EC/TFB HM, and at the very least EC is perfectly doable with optimized rakata (otherwise it would have been impossible to clear it in the first place in order to get the campaign gear), but a PUG won't have the coordination and/or experience with the content/working together as a guild does, so better gear is needed to make up for the difference.