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Also, I'm *highly* suspect of your stats as they are listed there in your "current" gear. Unless you're explicitly choosing to perform an unequal comparison by excluding augments and spec, you're never going to get that much Willpower in SM KP/EV gear. You're never going to get 1900+ WP in pure columi gear unless you're doing an unequal comparison by including talent spec *and* datacrons *and* augs. I can only guess you're comparing baseline, untalented, unauged BH against fully auged, talented Columi, which, considering how much of your itemization comes from augs, is pretty much guaranteed to win out.
Yes, my current gear is fully augmented, all 14 slots. I subtracted the datacrons and talent bonus' from the willpower i listed. My gear is basically BM gear but with Columni armoring. And no that BH link isn't my BH wishlist. It seem poorly itemized to me, which is why i didn't understand why everyone seems to hold BH in such high esteem. I only picked those pieces because it was the "Force-Lord's" set. I only like the chest and the helm. I figure after that i can get the campaign armoring pieces.

I justed wanted to know if my augmented min/maxed columni mash up was as good as the stock unoptimized unaugmented BH set. Which ur post seems to confirm. ty, by the way. (ur right about the helm mistake, but they have the same willpower).

I hear people all the time talking about BH and rakata as a standard. As in "you need at least Black Hole." I was even kicked from a group cause the guy said i was in pvp gear. "You need to be in at least Rakata." It was frustrating.

The one thing u didn't talk about is the 1.5 increase in dmg reduction that BH has over columni armoring. Can i assume that its not that important?

"*highly* suspect"
I wasn't trying to mislead