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01.15.2013 , 07:14 PM | #12
Well ive followed the advice. I tooled up to level 45 and with stims and meds packs. Even allocated Skill points of last 2 levels to Non-medical side (onto combat). Tooled up Tanno also. As Combat Medic it wont let me call Elara or even any of the others. It wont even let me call them in this "instance" to craft more med packs whilst fighting - they are all grayed out.
Ive nearly got him every single time but once Tanno goes down Shorzen calls fire droid and a rapid heal droid for himself so my red bar disappears as rapidly as his increases. how the F____ can 2 lvl 45s KEEP getting beaten by a single lvl 39. One time he EVEN leveled to 40 ! I swear I couldn't believe my eyes. Ive tried the up close. Ive tried the distance heals / attacks and ive tried the running away. I have lost count how many times Ive tried to beat him. What makes it worse that all the others re-spawn on that floor after log off.
I have heard others say that this was when they got disinterested, certainly in trooper.
Anyway - I have just created a ticket because I think its unfair within the game "Scoring" rules and its ruining game play. I also think its blocked my "class" progress as I can not do / even find any missions on same / higher level planets ie Belsavis. Bloody Ridiculous. I will let you know how I get on.