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While it's nice to imagine a 'grey' Jedi that used the best of both worlds, I think your reasoning is somewhat flawed.

The Jedi draw their power from passionless serenity. Time and again the fiction has indicated that their serenity and mental discipline enable them to empathize with the greater universe, and thus reach out into a field that binds all beings together, follow its directives, and in turn guide that energy where needed. Conversely, the Sith draw their power from fully engaged passions. They speak of reaching out and controlling the Force, demanding of it, and harnessing it to their will. Presumably 'love' is also a passion, so it's easy to imagine a Sith that might not be evil in the traditional sense, but the key to power is still passion.

One cannot be serene and passionless while also being driven and impassioned. It's not a matter of philosophical distinction so much as logical impossibility. I suppose one could imagine a force user with multiple personalities, one light and one dark, but absent that sort of mental divide, you could not be fully engaged in either discipline of Force use without sacrificing the other. I guess you could have a 'grey' Jedi who was not very good at either... able to use both the light and dark, but certainly not at the same time, and it's hard to imagine they could be very good at either when they keep reverting to the other.

It's been emphasized that Force use is a matter of focused will, and by definition, you cannot be completely focused on two completely opposite things.