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Captured by the enemy... disgraced... was this apart of his plan? She could have been there. She could have fought at his side. Why did he keep her in this dark chamber? What is there to gain from being a prisoner of the Jedi?

The Harbinger could not answer these questions. She had no answer. She could not fathom the greatness of her father's vision, the complexity of it. She realized that it was not her place to ask these questions, to doubt her father's wisdom.

Just as he commanded, she sat in front of The Master's Holocron. The cube-like Holocron was larger than most, and emmitted a green glow that bathed her in light. The Master had told her how this particular Holocron operated, how it was unique. The Holocron's gatekeeper, an impression of her father, maintained a mental link with The Master. This link allowed The Master to communicate his concious thoughts with those who accessed it, almost as if he was before her in the flesh.

The Holocron began to glow brighter, the green light casting the darkness of the Iron Citadel's most secure vault. It was almost blinding... and yet somewhat warm. Through the light, The Harbinger saw pieces of the cube move. The top of the cube opened and a small holoprojector emerged from within, giving the cube-like device a semblance to a pyramid.

The projector created a life-size image of The Master. The image looked down at The Harbinger. "Ah. Child. You are here."

She remained seated, legs crossed. "Yes, father. What are your commands?"

The image nodded at the word 'father.' "We have work to do."

To be

All stories come to an end eventually and I felt that this would be a good cut-off point for this installment. Not to worry, I am working on the next installment and should have it posted soon. For now, here is an excerpt of what I have finished so far.

An Excerpt of The Darkness Waits

Luke and Jaina followed the Jansil into the Warden's office. The office was decorated with several amenities that Luke felt were unnecessary. The Warden's desk had several small and rare flowers in silver vases next to a small computer at the center of his desk. At the back was a large painting of himself holding a baby Akk Dog.

Jansil sat at the desk and sighed heavily. "I don't know Master Jedi. Having that guy and his goons here makes me uneasy."

Luke tended to agree. This 'Master' was up to something, and Luke didn't like the tension that he was feeling. "You told me that this prison was a fortress, Jansil. I'm sure you can keep him here until his execution." Despite the feelings, Luke remained cautiously optimistic. "I'll be leaving Master Kam Solusar here just in case." If anything, having a Jedi Master here would keep the prison in line.

Jansil tensed as he wiped his brow. "Thank you, Master Skywalker. A Jedi should help, but I have this feeling that just won't go away." Jansil started to relax, but that tension returned. "I feel like he actually wants to be here."
Added Chapter 66 to The Shadows Fall
"Your only hope to survive is to give in to the rage boiling within you, to acknowledge the Dark Side you deny, and tap into it!"--Darth Tyranus