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01.15.2013 , 02:09 PM | #15
Many things disappoint me in SWTOR, im still somewhere near "just get 8x50 and unistall" but to often i catch myself to just willing install TSL again than actuallly log in swtor, but nevermind.

It generally bugged me that there was no "Ship pick up" clikie. It could even share a timer with fleet pass, after all there is no much difference in balance if i teleport straight to my ship or fleet and then 5 log screens. There is however difference in my patience and enjoyment from the game.

Maybe i not programist, but creating "fraighter pickup" dont seem to be beyond developers ability to code. A lot of copy paste from flee pass i suppose. Nothing stops from implementing this as classic feature.

But hell, why to care about option which would be useful and welcome, and will increase gameplay experience. Welcome to BioWEAre 2013. Its better to work more on some Cartel Pay to Win.