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01.15.2013 , 01:27 PM | #42
I'm in the process of using my noggin' to figure out how to handle sets that look different on the pub/rep side, and also how to handle sets that look exactly the same.


I've got basic categories set up. I'm going to wait till I have more entries (so I can properly test) before I start putting le buttons on the homepage for filtering.
(Quick example, show all social gear:


What I'm working on currently is
A) Cataloging all my current trooper gear (AWWW YEAAAAHHH)
B) Creating a secondary type of database to handle guns / sabers, another to handle usable items like the life day orb, another for pets and a last one for speeders. I mean - why not! It's almost the same code. (AWWW YEAAAAHHH x2)
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