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Quote: Originally Posted by ArtheReibri View Post
the last 20 times I sent him out for bountiful and rich yield grade 4 underworld metal, he has not returned with any neuranium.

Anyone else having this problem?
Welcome to the RNG, my friend. It all comes down to rolling a crit. :P

Quote: Originally Posted by CaptRavenous View Post
I'm just having problems even having Underworld Metal missions showing up in Crew Skill window.

Can't say I'm pleased with the way skills work, nor the ridiculous amount of resources you need to make items or learn blue/purple schematics.
This. It's hard enough unlocking Artifact schematics when you don't even have access to the Underworld Metal/Crafting Substance all the time. UM is one of my bugaboos, but so is Zeyd Cloth for my Artificer, which almost never seems to be available for my Archaeology (yes, I could purchase it from a Crew Skills vendor. But it's less expensive through a Crew Mission and I'm not always near a Crew Skills vendor).

I don't mind the rarity of purple mats. They're supposed to be rare. But at least give us access to the Crew Mission to have the chance to get them. :P
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