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So, when i looked at the
Black Hole Force-lord set
Did you purposefully only take the basic Force-Lord stuff (and the wrong head piece at that) or was it just out of lack of experience? Also, why the hell did you grab the use tanking relics? Just because they have passive power doesn't mean that you should be using them (especially since they're acquired with daily comms, as are the DG relics, which you *should* be using instead, though the PvP passive power relics are actually BiS in most people's eyes). Since BH gear doesn't have a set bonus but your current set does, you're going to be yanking mods from the armoring and putting them in Columi/Tionese shells *anyway* so it's not like you're being *forced* to use the mods or even the shell even if they're outright bad for you.

For your helmet, you chose the random BH hat that drops off of SM Kephess and randomly off of the other EC HM bosses rather than the one that can be bought with commendations. You're just trading off the Crit and Surge for Power and Alacrity, but it's still an "illegal" choice considering.

For the chest, it's all properly itemized, so you're fine there.

For gloves, use the Striker's gloves and just replace the enhancement (the only part of them that *isn't* itemized beautifully) with the enhancement out of a piece of columi gear (or, barring that, buy a "spare" pair of boots and cannibalize the enh).

For belt and bracers, you don't really have much in the way of options, so it's a wash.

The pants are terribly itemized no matter how to do it, so, honestly, you're better off just buying the 26 leg armoring on it's own and cannibalizing a pair of boots for the mod and enh.

For boots, don't use the Force-lord Endurance heavy boots; use the Striker boots: they have no wasted stats and are fully optimized for max WP, Power, and Surge.

The implants are well Itemized so those are golden, but the ear is largely rubbish and you don't really have the option of switching to the Striker because the Accuracy actually makes it marginally worse even though it has better WP and crit. For the ear, just use the Rakata ear (you can buy it for 120 daily comms and it's actually better than the BH thanks to better itemization).

For the offhand, once again, use the Striker focus: more power and willpower, less Endurance.

For the MH, you can't even buy it with commendations so it's a moot point regardless.

Your stats should actually look more like 1649.6 WP, 748 power, 25.21% crit chance, crit multiplier 74.82%, 800.5 Bonus Damage, 578.8 Bonus healing, 11.27% activation speed.

Also, I'm *highly* suspect of your stats as they are listed there in your "current" gear. Unless you're explicitly choosing to perform an unequal comparison by excluding augments and spec, you're never going to get that much Willpower in SM KP/EV gear. You're never going to get 1900+ WP in pure columi gear unless you're doing an unequal comparison by including talent spec *and* datacrons *and* augs. I can only guess you're comparing baseline, untalented, unauged BH against fully auged, talented Columi, which, considering how much of your itemization comes from augs, is pretty much guaranteed to win out.
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