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01.15.2013 , 12:01 PM | #3
Well it was replied to me 2 patches ago ("it will be patched in a future patch") and prior to Christmas.

You say it will be handled in a future patch. What does that mean? Next patch, in 2 weeks, in 1 month, in 3 months?

Could you please just for once refrain from using "soon" or give out vague information? This is so annoying.

You could inform us of the problems your programmers are facing or whatever.....

This is like if I ask in a supermarket if tomato soup is still in storage and the guy who looks bored like hell says no it is out. Even if that is the case I as his manager would order him to go to the storage area look around and come back saying Sorry I searched for you but it is out. Would you like us to put 2-3 cans for you in reserve once it gets in again??

But who am I to ask for customer care or service. I just pay with all the other players your wages. Thats all.

Sorry my understanding for BWs CS and support has reached its end.

Have a great day.

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