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01.15.2013 , 11:23 AM | #23
I read the OP and frankly s/he appears to just not like MMORPGs very much. My beloved City of Heroes may she rest in peace and DCUO are very different from standard MMOs (in different ways). This line:

Questing in general was repetitive, but I've played enough City of Heroes and DCUO to expect and tolerate this.
is frankly absurd. If you only play the six planets that make up the level 1-20 experience, then yes it will be repetitive. The vast majority of the content lies ahead. The early planet don't have as much content, because you level past them so quickly.

Well, the OP is entitled to his opinion, but he didn't give the game a legitimate chance and seems allergic to any challenge so he was probably going to quit anyway.
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