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Dear CS,

I am trying it 1 more time via the US American CS as the German CS via Ireland is not answering my tickets (they either delete the content claiming it is a technical issue) or the last three tickets they just close the ticket and send me a generic email saying they will forward my ideas to the dev team which HAS NOTHING to do with the content of my ticket!

Nevertheless I kindly ...very kindly ... (and believe me after the last 4 weeks this is awesome that I can still comply to the civilized rules of communication!) ask you to give me an answer when the hidden skill cap problem will be solved and why the German CS can not delete at least unwanted mounts so I can learn the ones I bought WITH REAL MONEY from the cartel shop??

I mean....I have reached the skill caps already 5 or 6 weeks ago and since then I have collected 7 mounts and 15 pets all of which are resting in my bank account and I can not learn them due to the inability of the programmers to set the integer number for the skill levels really high or at least modify that number now!

What will happen when RotHC will launch??? Then I can not even learn new class skills when I level up??

Please explain to me why I have to be treated the way I am through your CS?! I am patient, I have been with SWTOR from phase 3 onwards of the early access and have been a faithful (other say stupid) PAYING customer since then.

You want people like me that truly earned the titel FOUNDER to cancel their subs?? Is that the plan? Because this is the only way I could understand why you are refraining from communication with me.

Thank you very much for your esteemed answer.

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