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The Armour set you linked is actually very poorly optimised with Endurance heavy mods and defence relics (I don't even)

You do not need more health for HM KP/EV or SM EC/TFB, but you will want about 18k+ for HM EC and cca 20K for HM TFB and NiM EC. However, as a DPS Endurance is just stuff that comes on your gear and it is by no means a stat to be stacked.

As targets I would suggest the following (and you pretty much have the right idea):

Surge, 300-350 rating cca 75-77%
Crit, not more than 350 rating, in fact you will get most of your crit from Willpower cca 35-40%
Alacrity, pretty much whatever is left as your tertiary rating since Surge starts hitting DR around 300 and 350 is already in quite heavy DR.
Everything else to Willpower and Power.
As far as Endurance goes always go for the low Endurance armouring, mod and enhancement. Do not forget that you will also get Endurance on augments which should be Willpower augments.
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