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01.15.2013 , 10:22 AM | #1
I'm a Sorc and new to raiding. I've done SM EV and SM KP, but nothing higher (harder).
Lvling and pvping, I always geared as a dps\healer with this priority in mind; Willpower >= Power/Force Power > Surge (75%) = Crit (30%). (yes, i know i left off alacrity.)

So, when i looked at the
Black Hole Force-lord set;
(only mark of power class buff)

Willpower: 1538
Endurance: 1720
Power: 640
Crit Chance: 24%
Crit Multi: 59%
Force Power: 1300
Bonus Dmg: 753
Bonus Healings: 545
Armor Reduction: 19.5%
Health: 19700

I thought, hey, my current columni based gear is as good as or better than that.
(only mark of power class buff)

Willpower: 1938
Endurance: 1471
Power: 507
Crit Chance: 15%
Crit Multi: 74%
Forcepower: 1205
Bonus Dmg: 780
Bonus Healing: 560
Armor Reduction: 18%
HP: 17383

But, I've had several people tell me i need better gear for the harder OPs. Does that extra 2K hp and the 1.5% dmg reduction matter that much, even as a dps or heals?

Is the HM/Nighmare stat priority for dps/heals acutally; Armor Rating > Endurance >= Willpower >= Power/Force Power > Surge (75%) = Crit (30%)?