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Goodbye, this game, that you never really got to know, won't miss you.
Lots of assumptions in your spoiler there, Bucko.

1). Clone Wars Adventures is 6 bucks a month, that is confirmed. You must have assumed I was talking about SWTOR's sub, which I wasn't. You didn't read very carefully. And that's kind of what is wrong with humanity. To be fair, it's a long post, but if you're going to take the time out of your busy day to reprimand my opinions, you'd better make sure you actually read what you're flaming.

2). A month is plenty of time to get to know the community of the game you are trying out. Historically, most free trials (when there were free trials) were 14-30 days. I'm sure there are plenty of good players swimming in the sea of mediocrity of the SWTOR playerbase. But I didn't find them. They were probably afk in the Fleet while their companions were doing missions (and yes, I know all about companion missions, my point was it's still a time and inventory-consuming process, any way you look at it.

3). When was the last time you rolled a new toon? Have you done so since F2P went live? I suspect you haven't (now obviously you are going to type you have....probably 8 dozen, just to gainsay my experience. But my heart tells me you're lying). If you had, you'd know it's pretty rough. And for all I know you're one of the ninjas, and have no problems with other players doing so. you're also probably a pvper. Now I'M making sweeping generalizations. Not very nice, is it?

4). I know mileage varies on MMOs. The bottom line is this. SWTOR should be a better game than it is. I highly doubt many would disagree with that. Oh and btw, I hardly think the code for TIE Fighter would blow a BioWare coder's mind. It's an 18 year old game, and it's better than the space combat in SWTOR, taking a fraction of the resources and memory.

5). I've played LOTRO. Leveling up in that game is a lot more enjoyable than the first 20 levels of SWTOR. Also, keep this in mind: in the past 30 days, over 8 toons, I gained 160 levels. And none of those levels were particularly remarkable, innovative, insightful or, for lack of a better word, fun.

Like I said, I respect the opinions of people who think there's nothing wrong with SWTOR. However, I expect those people, including you, to respect my opinion that it's a steaming pile. So good luck to you, and have fun afking in the Fleet.

And to the individual who asks what's the point of the long winded post about my displeasure with the game? Well, to let the community know what I think of the game, right? I'm not real concerned whether you care or not, but my opinion, as a paying customer, is going to be on public record. And that's that.