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I am very frustrated for the past two weeks with constant freezing of the game. It is imposisble to advance. I am at level 38 so obviously i HAVE been able to play and play fine for many months..but now, the game freezes every minute or so and sometimes freezes happen right after one another so it is impossible to win a fight will freeze right in the middle and i cannot advance. My internet speed was a problem but my local provider raised the quality of service so it is now 9.00 Kpbs and my ping is about 80, it should work fine. I am running repair function yet again in hopes that it may help. I just downloaded the latest patch.

It is very frustrating to say the least. I am running the game on almost the lowest settings with no shadows, low quality textures .I have an Nvida 9600 Card and 3 GB of RAM, my system is XP SP 3 and an older computer 2.6 Ghz speed and about 15 GB of free space on the HD. Do i need more free space to run the game? that is one possiblity. But i dont know why it would run fine two weeks ago and then stop and start freezing all of the time, i have tried to play over and over, maybe 10 times and each time no matter what time of day it freezes and makes it imposisble to continue.

maybe you are running too many people on the severs...I just dont know. I had this happen on Balmora and also on Queesh, I have not even tried to go to Corrusant i can imagine how bad it would be with all the activity.

any ideas Support? i dont have much hope it is so bad, it is pretty sad after all the effort i have put into supporting this game, buying the collectors edition and subscribing over and over. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
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