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Chapter 21

Luke examined the Iron Citadel, its dark exterior did not compare to the darkness that lurked within. Sharp spikes sat atop the tall walls of the massive structure. The Iron Citadel casted a huge shadow over the army that stood behind Luke. He could almost feel the shadow of the Citadel's Dark Master blanket over him.

Luke pulled his lightsaber from his robes. "It's time." The green blade of his lightsaber flared to life.

*** *** *** ***

It had come down to this. Within the darkness of the Iron Citadel The Master would make his final stand... or so it would seem. Those who stood against him foolishly believed that they had cornered their great enemy, had beaten The Master. But they did not know how foolish they were. They were deceived. The Master had a far greater plan, one that required this battle.

So he waited, sitting in his iron chair in the massive Council Chamber of the Citadel. The Watchers that still lived, or were not being used in his plan, stood at the center of the massive chamber.

"What do we do now?" The Soldier asked. "Have we lost?"

The Lore-master shook her head. "No!" Her voice echoed around the chamber. "My brother did not die for this to happen!"

The Guardian the red skin of her brow. "Calm down Lore-master." Her tone soft and smooth. "Trust in our master."

The Master leaned into the light streaming in from a small window above his chair. "Yes. Everything is proceeding as I have forseen. Trust in my plans."

The Watchers bowed before their master as the massive doors behind them blew open. Charging in through the smoke and dust were several members of the Jedi Council- Luke Skywalker, Kyp Durron, Saba Sebatyne, Corran Horn, and Jaina Solo. The Watchers activated their lightsabers, but The Master stopped them from attacking.

The Master stood up from his chair and climbed down the twenty steps to the center of the chamber. "Master Skywalker. I had hoped our first meeting would be under different circumstances."

Luke pointed his lightsaber at The Master. "Release Master Katarn and surrender!"

The Master chuckled in response. "Surrender? Why surrender when I am winning?" The Master activated his own green lightsaber. "You brought this on the galaxy Skywalker."

He lowered his lightsaber. "What are you talking about?"

"We have been watching the galaxy for a long time. We watched the Republic fall to the Sith. So I arranged for Emperor Palpatine's defeat at your hands. We thought the Sith were destroyed, but the rise of this Lost Tribe proves otherwise."

Luke looked slightly confused. "What does this have to do with me?"

The Master shook his head at the question. "In the waning days of the Republic, Anakin Skywalker was given a chance to destroy the Sith. But he failed. And here we are again. You had the chance to destroy Darth Krayt and the Sith, but you failed. Like your father you lack the courage to do what is necessary. Instead of leaving the task to someone like you, The Watchers will personally see to it. We destroyed the Sith once before... now we have come back to finish the job!"

With that The Master leapt into battle, crossing blades with the Jedi Grand Master. The other Watchers leapt to engage the rest of the Jedi- The Guardian crossed blades with Saba, The Soldier attacked Kyp Durron, The Lore-master attacked Jaina Solo, and The Beastmaster and The Brain teamed up to defeat Corran Horn.

Luke pushed The Master off and made an offensive, employing the wide and quick strikes of Ataru against The Master's Soresu Form. The speed of their duel increased until all that could be seen were blurs of their green blades and the flapping of their robes.

The Master hastily parried and blocked Luke's lightning quick blows, he could feel the heat of Luke's blade pass by his skin as he struggled to keep up. In a desperate attempt to regroup, The Master pushed Luke back with The Force and staggered away. He could feel his body tearing itself apart. His skin began to die, leaving several cuts along his body. His insides were shutting down. If the duel continued, he would die.

As Luke recovered and pressed for an attack, The Master fell on his back, almost cowering at the Jedi's feet. He used what little power he could muster to stop his students from continuing. They retreated back to the bottom of the stairs that led to their iron chairs.

Luke kept his lightsaber pointed at the defeated Watcher. "Why attack the Alliance if your target is the Sith?"

The Master's breathing was heavy, he could feel his lungs attempt to expand. "Because... the Sith are... a symptom of... of the failings of the Alliance."

Believing that The Master could no longer fight, Luke switched off his lightsaber. "The Lost Tribe of the Sith is not a symptom of the Alliance. You have deluded yourself."

The Master coughed. Luke was falling into his trap. "Then show me... Show me your institution... is not corrupt. Let me see... what your Alliance does... with me." He was trying to play Luke, using just enough of his power to plant seeds into his mind. He could feel Luke fall for it.

The other Watchers looked surprised. As The Master expected. Luke picked The Master up. "We'll take you back to Coruscant." He looked to the other Jedi. "Bring them too." He said as he motioned to the other Watchers.

The Master waved them to stand down. And as the Jedi and Alliance soldiers escorted The Master out of the Citadel, onlookers would see a smile on his face.

All part of the plan...
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