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my pre crit gav round hits 2.5-3k when it crits its 5-6k. demo round crits for 7k Hib crits 6.7k plus sticky crits 4.5k add full auto per tick crits 3.8k. juggs usally have their highest crits on smash which is on the same cd as demo round and Hib. commnados are strong on single target with range while jugg are good at melee range with tight groups of people. your comparing totally different gearing together as one, thoose videos don't show that those juggs/ guardian are maxing out their gear while im willing to bet those commandos arn't if they crit on gav round for only 3k.
Pics or it didn't happen.

Also your numbers don't add up. No way you have enough power to get crits of 5k out of grav round but only 3.8k per tick crit out of Full Auto.

In PVE my Full Auto ticks for about 3.8 to 4k normally. Obviously higher with relic/adrenal/inspiration. But my Demo Rounds are hitting right on 6k and my HiB are hitting from around 4800 to 5100 (all these are criticals). My Demos crit for around 3300.

So your numbers just don't add up at all. I wouldn't believe 5k Grav rounds from anyone. No way dude. Not enough power in the stat budget. Definitely not in PVP.
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