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The imperials, as a group of people who all came from one place, have similar accents. This isn't surprising.

As for British, what are you talking about??? What's Britain? They all sound like they've got Dromund Kaas accents to me.

Unless you want an out-of-game-lore anwer. In which case I've got that for ya too. Watch the movies. See how the Imperials sound? Canonical accent.

As for why the Imps in Canon have accents--no worries. George Lucas isn't anti-brit. He did, however, find himself with a unique need back in the 1970's. He needed the world's largest soundstage for his new screenplay, and for the majority of the film's extras (who happen to be Imperial), he hired local talent once he arrived at Leavesden Studios. Which is in England.
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