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First, would like to link a forum post from another person that apparently never got the attention he deserved.

Then, since it's an old post I would like a new thread to be made and add my voice to this issue.

By far most of the content in all the different FP's are being passed. As the former poster established very well, Taral V, is the worst, with Battle of Ilum following close behind. So many bosses (And loot.) being bypassed for saving a few minutes.

Being a new player that recently subscribed, I was awed by the amount of skippable content in the "late game" Hard modes. A, from my point of view, solution would be that panels or locks are added and unable to be opened before a certain boss is killed.

I would love to hear others opinion on this subject and - or - other suggestions into a viable compromise that would be an acceptable solution for all.