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Quote: Originally Posted by UberDuberSoldat View Post
Soldat + Coolbeans

team name: "Nukedmeatball enjoys micro pen15 snacks"

Operative healer + dps sin gonna be stompin face this tourny. Any interest in only allowing one stealth class too

Additionally, it would be nice if it was clear what people thought was a tank spec, heal spec for each class. My suggestion is to get input from people with those classes. Like ability wise, people might not be able to differentiate when a sin is a tank, or a op is healing etc, but I guess that's on them. Mostly you can tell by gearing, but how much health is too much and what makes it a tank lol. Lots of gray area that's unavoidable here
I disagree I think that comp will be fairly easy to beat. Especially if you have hawk-x on you're team.

btw put my team in Hawk-x (Shadow/Dirty fighting scoundrel)

Team name Massive Dmg
Im a hoodstar I always keep shining.