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01.13.2013 , 12:21 PM | #8
It would be a lot more worth it if they'd imported the KotOR II or DA2 system instead. As it stands now, disapproval is absolutely negative period. You never want it, it's actively detrimental to anything you could ever possibly do. It hurts your crafting, it prevents you from picking up the +10 presence perks, and, most importantly, it chokes roleplaying. Piss off a companion and you don't get to talk to them. This is the absolute opposite of good game design; it punishes you for playing a relationship in-character by removing the ability to continue to explore that relationship.

If conversations unlocked at negative approval intervals as they do in KotOR II or DA2, perhaps even with a few lines changed here and there to reflect the difference in affection vs antagonistic respect, it would be a much richer system, and I wouldn't have completely abandoned any sense of immersion or RP honesty by repeatedly selecting douchebaggy lines on Belsavis and Ilum dalies just to get Scourge to talk to me or have to choose between Elara being a mute puppet for fifty levels or else inexplicably adoring my verbally abusive darkside Trooper as an exemplar of the Republic and loyal friend because I smothered her in gifts.