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In those situations it is time to pack your bags and move on. Continuous commenting to people who you feel will not hear you out, is a sign of insanity.
I'd agree on the first part, but how do you know that the commenting is continuous? Is it the same people saying the same thing over and over? Or are the comments just parting shots from people who have reached their limit?

The message of an unproductive comment is one of attention seeking.
It's easy to see it that way - but each of those quotes (especially the first three) could also represent someone who is following the development of the game, waiting for a reason to get back in. That's the "message" I'm referring to.

And let's face it, anything anyone posts on the internet can be construed as "attention seeking" if you squint enough...

Comments like "this game sucks" helps nobody (unless the topic is, asking for opinions about your enjoyment of the game). It in no way helps developers know how to fix the problem or even understand what the problem is. Thus it is reason enough to dismiss them all as pathetic attention seeking nobodies.
The last three messages may fall under the "this game sucks" category, but certainly the first three list specific objections to the developmental direction of the game. They are feedback, and even if they're a bit vitriolic, they are still constructive in the sense of giving the developers specific reasons as to why they're not playing. AFAIC, they're more constructive than my criticism earlier in this thread, which was apparently deemed ok.

So why are they being painted with the same broad brush as the "lol SWTOR sux" posts?