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I should really post a movie series: Kaliyo, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Dis Companions. Complete with nuclear annihilation at the end

Kidding, I liked her half the time. But our romance was incredibly antagonistic as she tried to get a rise out of me and I refused to tolerate her games. Laughed in her face when she brought up love. Stuff like that. It was way more fun than playing a straightforward romance would've been.

I've enjoyed my second Warrior playthrough, treating Quinn as a tool of questionable worth. He gets so sad when I question his backstory claims and tell him he'd better pull his weight.

Lord Scourge, I was respectful while disagreeing on every possible philosophical point. I got a lot of -768s with him when decisions came up and I loved every minute of it.

Tanno Vik taught me that "That goes against everything we stand for, Vik" is actually a Trooper stock line that can come up multiple times.

Doctor Lokin liked it when I gave him a hard time. I hated recruiting him, I don't trust him, I called him on his BS at every opportunity, and...he lapped it up, actually. That was an interesting dynamic.

The antagonistic relationship very slightly slows conversation progression...Scourge in particular is tough because his conversation losses are so huge...but I find it's worth it. So worth it.
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