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01.13.2013 , 06:26 AM | #5210
Yes i should have read the thread first, but also i think my post should have been read better. What i feel as "priority" are non-romance features. I just highly doubt that adding same sex marriage over easing f2p restrictions (wether they plan it or not) and other features such as fixing open world PvP will bring in more population/money for bioware. When it comes to romance features though, i'm simply stating my opinion. So yes, it is suppose to be what i want since its my opinion lol.

Now i obviously don't have pure hard evidence, but i think its safe to say opposite gender romance is more "liked" than same-sex romance. Not being homophobic or anything but judging purely off of years of reading on forums about various games that have romance options (Mass effect, dragon age, kotor, the witcher etc) that man+woman=most wanted/liked. Therefore all though its my opinion and what i want i feel adding in the options that have been asked for since launch for opposite gender romance would in the end be better for population as i feel there are way more players out there that would not touch same-gender romance.

Again, i don't have statistics or evidence to any of this its my opinion/educated guess.

edit- You need to take a chill pill mate lol you are getting so worked up over one person's opinion simply because it dosen't agree with yours yet your crying to me about how i feel "entitled" and how i should not express everything i want and try to make some sort of deal where other people get what they want to. I play this game for personal enjoyment not to please other people. I just find it crazy that your so surprised.