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I love the Suggestion Box thread and my goodness was there a good blog in there too. If you'll excuse me, I've got DA2 to finish. I have some ideas and thoughts about how SWTOR might handle future SGR content, but I'd like to get a couple of playthroughs in first. I've done that with DA:O; I did the SGR with Leliana and the OGR with Alistair. I'm also analyzing DA2 a bit, for their approach to SGRs.
I've noted the differences, but I'll be back when I'm done. Still love ya guys!
I missed you.

I totally know what you're talking about, am half through my replay of DA-O, have started a Smuggler in SWTOR and find myself enjoying the forums and talking about SGRs too much. And I still have stuff to finish, writing-wise. I don't have enough time....

I must say I really, really, really enjoy the Smuggler more than I ever enjoyed the Consular. I love Corso and his interaction with my Captain. I do hope Corso will become available for SGR, gawd, I really would love to see that.