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Here is my personal ratings. With a brief reason why.

SI 9/10 (Truly feel accomplishment through the story. You actually "feel" like a Lord)
BH 9/10 (I feel the support of the companions is the best of all stories. They are not just added, they are included in the story)
SW 8/10 (Get to feel like a total ******)
IA 8/10 (Loved chapter 1. Chapter 2/3 I feel only support darkside. Story is pretty ridiculous at times)
JK 8/10 (A story of redemption and heroics. Anything you would ask for from a Jedi)
T 4/10 (I feel the story is predictable and not heroic at all. At the end of the game you're still a grunt.)

JC (I have not played through the entire thing myself yet. I have played with friends but it feels a little dry)
S (I don't have, nor will ever, have the desire to play as a common thug)
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