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This. As a healer it sucks when he does this to you. Cause not only can you not heal yourself you cant heal anyone else as your pinned to the ground.

I am geared mostly 61 as heals and if I have a group of about the same geared then it matters very little however if they are fresh 50s and the healer is pinned you may be screwed

IL give a tip here and really have no idea why so many want to kill the boss last . one of my guildes do it that way only because its fun to him see others pined down while we kill all but the boss but if you kill the boss first and then the others the tank can pick them up, its like when you cut of the head everything else dies , and as a healer there is a allowed work around that's fun to .. go up the ramp before the fight just the healer watch your screen for your name , once your his target if your up over head when they come after you wait long enough then jump it so much fun lol ....