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Greetings fellow Bastionerds!

Grats again to Wakalord for winning the 1v1 tournament! Now onto better things...

The 2v2 tournament will follow the same format as the 1v1 tournament (teams are given a deadline to get their fights done, whoever doesn't attempt to get their fight done will be DQ'ed).

The Roster [35]:
Two Dudes Kissing : Scold [Operative] + Smakyo [Marauder]
Two Dudes One Railshot : Rhaffus [Powertech] + Kreytor [Powertech]
just me and talos going at it : Ryere [Assassin] + confidence
Team #yolo : Deft [Powertech] + Healmore [Operative]
It's never too late to reroll : Amanitas [Shadow] + Pebbel [Sage]
The Peek-A-Boo Friendship Duo : Raideyoh [Scoundrel] + Yank [Shadow]
Nukedmeatball enjoys micro pen15 snacks : Soldat [Juggernaut] + Coolbeans [Sorceress]
Team Edward : Azwraithmeow [Guardian] + Suna-li [Scoundrel]
Fusion-HA : Dreaded [Mercenary] + Colossusofcloud [Juggernaut]
Ebony and Ivory : Man-iac [Commando] + Hanon [Something..]
Bieber Boyz : Jaryx [Assassin] + Scopeseven [Cutiepie sorc]
Deft's sister is hawt : Wolfslashfox [Operative] + Darkscythe [Assassin]
The Scissor Sisters : Depinto [Sorcerer] + Xcornelius [Assassin]
Baugles merry band of byatches : Baugles [Scoundrel] + Stealthkilla [Shadow]
A lil-cyber : Alue [Juggernaut] + Gudarzz [Marauder]
Nonsense : Britten [Marauder] + Rykam [Marauder]
Double Sin : Sinistrous [Warrior] + Sinestraa [Sorcerer]
The Stary Duo : Shredmegatron [Mercenary] + Avage [Marauder]
Tanks need buff : Ironhide [Powertech] + Mamas-girl [Powertech]
Massive Biceps : Redpin [Scoundrel] + Tarawar [Sentinel]
**** YO Couch : Swaip [Heals] + Jiraya [Smasher]
Tahuken : Tahu'ktak [Assassin] + Hoken [Juggernaut]
Team Backpeddle Pros : Breks [Vanguard] + Rollie [Scoundrel]
Hit it and Crit it : Mrhands [Assassin] + Immortalhidan [Assassin]
SHANKS : Justbodies [Operative] + Wakalord [Assassin]
Pineapple Tree : Blamo [Gunslinger] + Eelyena [Healer]
IDGAF : Muahaha [Operative] + Palmsolo [Assassin]
Team Goldy : Channeled [Shadow] + Brik [Vanguard]
ASSassin POWER : Adraaj [Assassin] + Aurielia [Assassin]
Going Commando : Alyxandra [Commando] + Unbeatable [Commando]
Fo Suure Fanclub : Kharrne [Marauder] + Larame [Operative]
2v2 Tourney Team : Diagetic [Marauder] + Krxnchy [Operative]
Blueberry Blunt Wraps Kycoo [Marauder] + Maylstrom [Sorcerer]
Sifu + Hood-rat : Sifu [Shadow] + Hood-rat [Operative]
Watchman Needs Nerf Kakarrot [Sentinel] + Braan-walker [Scoundrel]

The Enticement
Will be another cash prize. Not sure how much right now since I gotta work up some money (donations accepted for the prize). Probs 2-3 mil credits.

The Format
The general format will be as follows: You will be matched against your opponent in the official tournament brackets. You and your opponent can fight your match whenever you want, provided that it finishes within a specified deadline. Thus, this isn't a "one-day" tournament. It will span over a couple weeks and it will allow you to play on your own time.

This format has proven to be successful in providing a tournament that advances at a steady pace, but allows the freedom for players who juggle real-life with the game. It also provides an excellent "spectator sport" for those who like to stream, or have their friends watch matches. With this many competitive players it's unreasonable to expect to do the tournament in a single day.

The Rules
  • Agree with your opponents BEFOREHAND regarding any rules you can think of (adrenals? medpacs? location of fighting? line of sightning? grenades? etc). Anything that isn't discussed is fair game.
  • Matches should be at least best of 3, but they can be best of whatever (Waka and Gudarzz did a best of 15 or something in the 1v1 I think)
  • Tournament is single-elimination. When you lose a match, you're out.
  • No companions (obvious)
  • 2v2 fights of the same faction will obviously have to be done at Outlaw's Den. Since all fights will have to be done in an "open world" setting, remember that griefing is very possible. If fights get interrupted, they should be NULLIFIED immediately. If someone in the tournament is griefing others, let me know who it is and I can DQ them or blacklist them or whatever.
  • NO CHARACTER SWAPPING OR TEAMMATE SWAPPING. The two characters that you sign up with MUST be the two characters that you fight every match with. This is to discourage counter-comping.
  • Tournament brackets are generated randomly.
  • This rule is new and important. You're only allowed a maximum of 1 tank or healer. This is in regards to SPEC, not CLASS. I.e. you could roll with a healer operative and a jugg, but the jugg must be dps (none of this outlasting tank/heal or heal/heal ********. If you get tank/heal vs heal/heal, it'll be boring as ****.) So, basically your options are: dps/dps, dps/heal, or dps/tank. Obviously there's a lot of gray-zone when it comes to "hybrids" and ****.. I just ask that you don't be a ***** about things and remember that it's a silly thing to run tank/healer.
  • A healer is defined as having more than 10 points in the heal tree.
  • A tank is defined as having more than 10 points in the tank tree OR using guard. So smashtanking counts as tanking. I'll repeat, if you use guard, you are considered a tank.
  • Respecs are allowed at any time throughout the tournament (except you must obey the above rule).
  • I recommend taking as many screenshots/videos/witnesses as you can in regards to fights. For example, if you catch someone running full tank and healer and you can prove it with screenshots, It'll help us sort out any drama that might happen.

Signing Up and Submitting Match Results
It's best if you post your sign-ups in this thread so that people can see your forum name to try and get a hold of you for the fight.

Other than that, I can be contacted any time on my imp character Scold, or my pub character Scoldilocks (add me on your friends list IMO). Contacting me via in-game mail while I'm offline is totally fine too.

When signing up, please make sure you mention the name of your character (and class) that you wish to play on for the duration of the tournament. I know lots of you, but I don't know all your alts and stuff =/.

Also your team must have a team name

I am aware that class imbalances will have an effect on the outcome of the tournament.

I'd say the 1v1 tournament was a great success, so let's make this one a good'er too. Afterwards we can move on to 3's or 5's and we'll end up making our own arena league one day.
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