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Single Taunt Guarantees aggro for 6 seconds (unless overridden by another taunt) and then you can use your AoE taunt to maintain, and build (110% of threat it would take to pull per taunt if if you were in Melee range) for the remainder of the Fearful debuff. Each 20% dip in boss health takes anywhere from 45 to 60 seconds so if necessary you can use taunt more than once on the occasion that you can't damage the bosses due to fearful.
Tanks only need to use taunt and then some HP booster or some kind of pull and their aggro is solid as they get the aggro from the last tank, they don't start at 0 so even having 10s left on fearful, that I have had from time to time, is easily manageable.

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I have tried it, in fact the other (well, now only) raid group does the strat the same way (tanking them across from each other, waiting for Toth to run back), but when they've done it the way I've described, they've said that it's arguably better in terms of positioning and down time on the bosses.
Depends, there is almost never a time where DPS cannot hit, tanks won't lose aggro if they don't hit for 5s even 10s, but I guess it's all down to what you are used to, if you tactic works better for you, I won't force you to change it. Positioning can be a little tricky, the tank that Toth leaps FROM will have to take a few steps forward to taunt the boss, and this can sometimes be a little slow if the tank is slow. Also, the tank that Toth leaps TO might wait to long, or to short to taunt as he is unsure about the correct timing =)

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Edit: I understand waiting for Fearful to fall off and the reasoning behind it, and I often personally kinda wish that DPS was a little bit lower so that my Deflection and CC Breaker CDs are off by the time I get to Berserk/ Red Circles, but Fearful is perhaps the easiest mechanic in the game to adjust for, since it's not affected by RNG (from defensive stats, or where and how frequently you're targeted by Red Circles).
I agree with you on some points, I think that fight is boring and want to get on the tanks instead, so I wish my DPS was faster, regarding CC breaker, try the middle tree for specc and you should be fine. At least that is what I am doing and it works like a charm, and you want that specc for Kephess as well for the interrupts on droids.

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