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Then you're missing my point, I think, though we'd probably still disagree. I'm not rationalizing the behavior - in fact, I said such behavior isn't very smart. Rather, I'm objecting to your personal characterization (and thereby demonization) of people who, in my mind, have a right to be ticked off.

The OP asked a specific question, namely, "What drives people to spend energy attacking something they donít care about?" I'm giving a possible answer. Some of the people in question do care, but know that their constructive comments will fall on deaf ears - but feel the need to comment anyway. Like I said, not smart, but there it is.
And that is exactly where our opinions differ.
You find that behavior "not smart" and I find it pathetic and sad.
We agree that people have the right to be ticked off by anything they want and voice their opinions, but we disagree on the idea you seem to support that mindless bashing of whatever ticks them off and of the people that do enjoy it is acceptable.
It's not constructive criticism, it's not just "not smart" and I think you are falsely assuming that the majority of those people's reactions come from a good place, trying to help it get better or from the disappointment of not living up to their expectations. I don't. I honestly think a big portion of those bashing it the way we are talking about, are people who have never played the game and are just willing to support anything considered "kewl" and bash anything considered ripe for bashing. The same people who'd bash a movie or a song by repeating the grotesque memes they are ever so fond of.

If we were talking about a new law, people would have every right in the world to be angry if they disagreed - it's something that affects everyone and it's not optional. A game is optional. And, as I've mentioned before, those that have indeed played and left it, disappointed that it didn't turn out as they had imagined, have the right to be angry to some extent. However, bashing it and the people that still like it without so much as giving a reason for all this hate simply does not make sense.

Quote: Originally Posted by BobaTed View Post
Whle the expression of their frustration may not be productive, that's not sufficient reason to dismiss them as lonely, no-life putzes. That's what I take issue with more than anything else. Their comments do carry a message, even if it isn't "constructive" in the usual sense of the word, and the people behind that message are likely as productive and normal as anyone who plays MMOs.
The only messages those specific comments carry are:
a) that they can't form a complete sentence that's not a copy-paste of a meme
b) that people are always willing to hate something just because it's cool to do so
and c) that entitlement and over-the-top expectations have destroyed what could have been a pleasant -yet always optional - experience.

As for your last sentence, I think you misunderstood the "not having anything better to do in their life" part of my first post.
So just to be clear, I don't care if the person doing it is a 12 year old kid obsessed with Youtube and MMOs, a 26 year old professional gamer or a 40 year old man who has a job and supports a family. When you post something non-substantial and non-constructive about some form of entertainment that you don't enjoy, that to me is pathetic and sad.

When someone's favorite pastime is raining on other people's parades, just for ***** and giggles, for something that for one reason or another has no effect on him/her, no matter how many arguments you present, in my mind remains pathetic.

By the way, this is one of those rare times on the internet where you realize you are talking to a person who has some points that make sense and presents them well, which is why I don't understand why you would make excuses for anyone who is not actually voicing his disappointment in a rational way, but instead resorts to "lol dead game is dead" tantrums.

And no, because "it falls on deaf ears" is not a reason - whenever someone feels a company that provides a service or a product related to entertainment does not satisfy his needs, he provides suggestions and if things don't improve he/she simply uses another product/service from the plethora of similar products/services available. The idea that people got tired of "I think what this game needs is X" and therefore the next logical step is "I HATE YOU DIE NOW" is a pretty irrational one.